My YouTube channel is coming close to 1500 views!!!! Amazed by God’s grace to allow me this privilege to encourage both German and English speaking women in their walk with Jesus.
The Everyday Princess

I was so blessed by the responses to the videos about my accident:
Chocolate Treasures in the Storm part 1 and 2

My team and I completed the licensing seminar to teach the symposium 1 for

The three coaches were clearly focused on helping us become confidant and competent developers of leaders. I love developing the women leaders God has put in my life.

The joy of loving these precious people who are far from home. I volunteer at the Oasis refugee center each Wednesday. One of the team told me recently that over a 1/4 million refugees have been cared for here in the past 25 plus years!!!!!! I wonder if they have counted how many times the Jesus film was shown, God’s truth was preached, people heard of God’s love for them – countless times!!!!

Would you pray that God makes a way for my YouTube videos to be translated with subtitles into Farsi and Arabic so that more women can discover that the King of Kings loves them and is inviting them into His family.
David and I are counting the weeks till Jonathan comes home for Christmas break mid December. I am so thankful that Jonathan can be a part of LIFT – Leader In Further Training for young adults at Camp of the Woods in Upstate New York.
I highly recommend it!!!!!!!!
David does an amazing job
editing my YouTube videos.
I couldn’t do it without him.
It is a pleasure to work side by side with him.