I have a dream. Yes, I do. I imagine more and more older women across Austria walking alongside younger women in everyday life. My example of this type of mentorship comes from the book of Titus – older women leading, guiding, and teaching younger women.

Just yesterday I had an amazing conversation with one of the older women in our church about the definition of leadership based on Jesus as the shepherd. This definition was life-changing for me. I realized I was a leader in so many areas of my life. I knew that I want to lead deliberately and well. Every woman has 1000 things on their to-do list each day, and my passion is to help them be intentional in accomplishing their daily responsibilities. Today my working definition of leadership is, “Intentionally influencing and enabling people to accomplish a given task.”

The evangelical church in Austria is young and has so much potential to grow. My church alone is overflowing with young families. The younger women have voiced their longing for more older women to walk alongside them. I discussed with my friend how to make a plan for celebrating Christmas in these very strange times, using principles derived from Jesus’s example that can be applied in every area of life.

Just imagine the ripple effect of older women teaching the younger women and what it will do in their families, workplace, churches, and ultimately reaching the lost for Christ?! (The Apostle Paul certainly saw it as key for the health of the church and God‘s kingdom!)

How will we work together to accomplish this vision? By connecting with and teaching women one on one, in group settings, in leadership development seminars, webinars, and on my YouTube channel.

My heartfelt thanks to each one of you who pray for us and support us financially!

I am asking God for $15,000 in additional annual support so that I can focus on the work here, and I need your help:

1. I am seeking new contributors who can make a monthly contribution in the support of this vital work. Do you know any women in your church, Bible study group, knitting circle, Pilates classes… who would have a heart for helping their sister’s across the globe? Would you pass this letter on to them?

2. If you are already supporting me, wherever possible, would you consider an increase of 20% in the coming year. If that increase is too much of a burden, any additional amount is so greatly appreciated.

3. Would you pray with me that God supplies the support and that more and more older women will invest in younger women and help them to flourish.

Thank you so much!