Women are good at teamwork… not that men aren’t, but it’s possible we have more fun!

(Intern Nathalie & I baking Easter Angel cookies to remember Luke 1:19 & 26 – click here to watch my video about remembering God’s love


In the midst of every day life, with coffee cup in hand, we help each other grow as leaders.

Women who influence and enable people to accomplish tasks. (Think moms, project managers, older sisters, volunteer organizers, youth workers, Entrepreneurs…)

How is that possible you ask? While baking cookies, at the playground, in Bible study, at our workplace…we share ideas, successes & failures with our friends and coworkers. We also encourage each other to live out what we learn. We naturally combine teaching, modeling and coaching in a way that impacts every area of our lives. It fits perfectly with the relational way God made us to be, which makes it not feel like work!

(Emma & I at a Langham training seminar pre covid. She loves teaching women how to study the Bible.)


Did you know that this is biblical? Read Titus 2.
It’s about older women doing exactly what I described. Of course, women old and young are encouraging each other. But in Titus 2 older women are called to share their years of experience by intentionally investing in younger women.
Older women can be a loving caring anchor for younger women who experience, sometimes abruptly, many different and intense new life phases. (And then add in the pandemic!)
This is why I started a zoom Titus 2 Bible study for women in my church. We look at women in the Bible to learn from them, pray for each other and share ideas on how we can invest. Already two multi-generational Bible studies have grown out of this group as well as many life giving conversations! We are having a great time being leaders training leaders in everyday life.



On the family front…

David is moving to Canada this summer! He has been accepted at Redeemer University to study Business Marketing. A perfect fit for my bright ‘out of the box thinking’ son! Wonderful too that he can be close to lots of family for the first time in his life.

Jonathan & Miriam got the keys to their first apartment! Just 5 minutes from me, his work & great public transit! Yay! Jonathan is a kindergarten teacher and Miriam is doing her masters in TESSL online. They are VERY happy newlyweds!


  1. Safe and uncomplicated travel, quarantine, and university prep for David and I as we go to Canada midsummer.  I will fly back to Austria the end of September.
  2. Our denominations annual leader training conference in June where I will be teaching a workshop twice on developing women as leaders. 


Thanking the Lord for three new supporters.  A marvelous start to help me move towards a needed support level. Would you pray for more to join in financially to help see women grow as leaders?


Thank you for being a part of what God is doing here!